Terra Firma Academy: How to Survive This Adventure Called Life

Terra Firma Academy: How to Survive This Adventure Called Life

Life can be both a difficult challenge and an incredible adventure! In this engaging talk Brother Ben Bernards teaches youth that with premortal instincts, loving Heavenly Parents, and lots of help from divine sources on earth, our lives can and will be wonderful success stories! Brother Bernards shares several important tips in this spiritual survival guide to help youth navigate many of the common challenges of life. He teaches that when we feel like we don’t fit in, we need to remember that it’s because we’re not from here. Brother Bernards encourages youth to pursue an honest journey of self-discovery to find out who sent them here and why. He offers fresh perspective about the crucial role of rules, failures, repentance, and the importance of testing truth in order to truly know it for yourself. Youth of all ages will benefit from this enjoyable talk by beloved youth speaker Ben Bernards!

Talk Preview:

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Speaker: Ben Bernards
Topics: Atonement, Commandments, Plan Of Salvation