Joyful Repentance

Joyful Repentance

Sometimes repentance gets a bad wrap! Repenting can seem like something we should avoid. But in this timely talk to youth Brother Anthony Sweat masterfully teaches that there are NO negative Gospel principles and that repentance is a priceless gift that we should celebrate! Using humor, personal experiences, and scriptural examples Brother Sweat convincingly debunks 10 negative myths about repentance that are all-too-common in the Church and helps listeners understand that repenting is not so much about going through a mechanical process as about aligning our wills with God. This talk is a must-listen for everyone who has ever caught themselves thinking of repentance as a negative or gloomy thing. Come discover the truth about what Brother Sweat calls “Joyful Repentance”!

Talk Preview:

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Speaker: Tony Sweat
Topics: Atonement, Christ, Repentance