Don’t Go Bungee Jumping Without the Cord

Don’t Go Bungee Jumping Without the Cord

Enjoy this fun-filled and inspirational talk by beloved youth speaker Brad Wilcox! Brother Wilcox convincingly helps his listeners see that the standards of the church aren't what's keeping us from happiness, rather they are the God-given path that leads to the very happiness we seek. In this talk Brother Wilcox specifically teaches about the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity. He lovingly but directly speaks to those who wonder why we need to live these commandments, while giving hope to those who may have broken these commandments and teaching what they must do to be made whole again. This crucial message is a must-listen for all those who are serious about happiness!

Talk Preview:

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Speaker: Brad Wilcox
Topics: Atonement, Chastity, Commandments, Repentance, Word of Wisdom