Shad Martin

About Brother Martin

Brother Shad Martin was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and was raised in Palmdale, California with his three Brothers Shane, Shawn and Sheldon. Brother Martin loves sports. He played football, basketball and baseball in high school and played baseball in college. Brother Martin received his bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University in Economics and his Master’s Degree from Utah State University in Family, Human Development. He is the co-founder of the Especially for Athletes program which encourages young athletes to take a more active role in their communities to help those around them. He is also the author of “10 Scriptures that Help you Through High School” and co-author of “Especially for Athletes”. Brother Martin has spoken to thousands of youth around the country with the Especially for Youth program and always leaves convinced that this truly is a chosen and prepared generation. Most importantly Brother Martin is married to his wife Robin and they have three beautiful daughters, Emma, Isabella, and Clara.

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